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"Oh i’m sorry Perry the platypus, i don’t know what it went wrong…i…i guess we are inside my computer…".-

I really liked those digital brushes and i wanted to give it a try, i hope it looks right

Then the second one i also wanted to try it on a cute background


The hard thing was to actually do the lineart, it looked very pixelated, i though it was gonna end up being a pixel art.

Another hard thing was to put the right brushes on the “digital” one

Wow it was a loooooooooooooooooong time since i had color something Phineas and Ferb related, i haven’t draw Doof in a long time and i don’t know if i have lost practice.

I hope you really like it Pervillefalls, it was fun and i’m impress that i finished that quickly, i will try and color another one from your sketch dump






This is my dog, Lily. My sister and I bought her, without my dads permission and brought her home as a puppy about a year ago. My dad hates her, but me & my 2 sisters love her to death. This dog helps me cope with my depression and shes always great company to my sisters and I. My dad describes her as “tolerable.” Today, after having this dog for over a year, my dad is saying she needs to go, while he is angry at us for bringing her home, she has become part of the family and we can’t get rid of her, it’s too painful. After begging my dad for a while, he was still stuck on getting rid of her. I mentioned tumblr as a final option, and surprisingly he agreed to it. If I can get 200,000 notes by the end of July, we can keep her. He thinks it’s impossible, but I have faith. I’ve seen tumblr do it before. Please guys help me, I love this dog more than myself. Please oh please :c 




I never reblog these, but I sure as fuck wouldn’t want my doge taken away. HELP THE DOGES.



I just plain want to do a Giveaway, so I’m collecting things I think it would be awesome if some other people have it. So, behold! From anyone of my fandoms or interest!

  1. The Smashing Magazine Book 3
  2. Drawing Basics and Video Game Art + Copic Sketch Set of 6 Markers Grey
  3. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson Vol 1 and 2
  4. Sam and Max Surfin’ the Highway Paperback + Any season from either the Telltale Store or Steam
  5. The Archimedes Plush and The Inflatable Baloonicorn
  6. The Perry the Platypus giant Plush
  7. El Libro Gordo de 31 Minutos y Mburu

So, this is the idea: 4 people are going to win and when they do, they have to choose one of the things listed above. And don’t worry, if two people want the same things, they are going to get it. Don’t worry about shipping, I’ll pay those things. If suddenly there’s some random cost tell me and I’ll cover them. 


  1. Reblogs and likes counts!
  2. I’ll put all the numbers in and then choose four winners
  3. Your ask must be open
  4. From everywhere in the world! I don’t mind!
  5. You have until June 5th 10:00 P.M. GTM -4 (Chile Hour)

Thanks a lot for read!

Doof Daily- Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden, but I think they are supercouples on Daytime Television…

Doof Daily- Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden, but I think they are supercouples on Daytime Television…

Doof’s Daily Dirt - Darlene Zschech, Her last name may be still problematic

Doof’s Daily Dirt - Darlene Zschech, Her last name may be still problematic


Juanin Juan Harry


Juanin Juan Harry



no se porque lo hice, me deje llevar por la emocion

perdon por mi voz de pito


Sorry i am not as “active” as i used to be a couple of months ago. I could say many different reasons we all might have heard: personal issues, lots of homework/things to study, school, internet problems, etc, etc, but my reason has a bit of a “backstory” if you wanna call it that way.

I know that in the past i caused so much trouble and hate within the family for things that i don’t even remember and i’m sorry if i ever made you mad or anything, i’m sorry that i caused a lot of trouble with all of you.
As you all (or some of you) might had known i had a problem with one member of the family in specific, i was so attach to this member and that caused another problem, i will never forget the great moments i “lived” with this member, which was the thing that made me be un-actived, i was very sad and i would cry every night because of this. And then another member just started to told me that some other member kinda hated me in secret because of the way i was (still am) and because i would use lots of smileys (really!?).
That’s when i decided to take a break from the fandom and the family and let everyone kinda forget about the drama and start again but still i was very sad.

I though nothing would bring me back my happiness but one day on February my oldest fandom (10 years being active) would had a concert at this very important place and then i was happy again, i started to go back to that fandom and i just saw how much the people had missed me, how important i am in that fandom and how easily it was to have friends but most important i was soooo happy again!!!!
So then the break was getting longer and longer and now i just don’t enjoy PnF as much as i used to (don’t get me wrong i will always love doof) and i just don’t post things about Doof nor fangirl nor even participate in the family anymore.

I guess is time for me to keep on going and be happy were i feel happy, once again sorry to all of you that i caused lots of problems. I won’t miss the small good times i had in here nor some of you guys. You’re great persons but i guess i didn’t “click” in here as all of you have.

I was gonna give my Ask-Doof account but there’s a new one so i guess i will just deleted it, i don’t wanna deleted my Tumblr-inator cause i’m still attach to it very much.

If you still wanna keep in touch with me:

-Twitter: @solesisita
-Personal Tumblr:
-Mail: you can ask for it

Have always crazy dreams and never never never forget that:

Its a Doof World!!!!